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Memo No. Issue Date Subject Description Close Date Download
6263 26-02-2019 QUOTATION / RATE Supplying Front and Rear Tire with Tube 04-03-2019
6640 27-02-2019 QUOTATION / RATE Painting and Greasing of 12 nos Municipal Water Tank (250 gallon capacity MS body) 06-03-2019
6307/A 28-02-2019 Quotation Notice Purchasing of Stainless Steel 250 Gallon Water Tank 06-03-2019
6448 08-03-2019 Quotation Notice Yearly Rental for Lease of Office Building (Details of Building address: 42, Lenin Sarani East. Kanchrapara North 24 Pgs. Area of each Floor = 4920sqft. Total Floor area (4920x3) = 14,760 sqft.) 28-06-2019
338/A 03-06-2019 Tender Notice for Civil Works Different Civil works in Ward No 22 & 6 Under Jurisdiction of Kanchrapara Municipality 11-06-2019
369/A 04-06-2019 Tender Notice for Civil Works Different Civil Work in Ward No - 6, 19, 20 & 22 12-06-2019
394 13-06-2019 Quotation Notice Quotation Notice for Supply of Tyres 18-06-2019
493 21-06-2019 Quotation Notice for Building material Supply Quotation are invited by the Chairman on behalf of the Kanchrapara Municipality through hard copy format from eligible and resourceful Companies/Firms/NGO & Personnel having sufficient credential and financial capability for execution of Supply as depicted here under for participating in the Quotation. It is noted that quotationers must be produce GST Registration document. 01-07-2019
676 03-07-2019 Quotation Notice Quotation for Canon Pixma G2000 Pinter cum Scanner 08-07-2019
675 03-07-2019 Tender Notice Tender Notice for purchasing various items 10-07-2019
975 01-08-2019 Quotation Notice Arrangement for web accessibility for the person with disabilities. 07-08-2019
1097 10-08-2019 Quotation Notice Quotation Notice for Repairing of Refuse Trailers 19-08-2019
1566 26-08-2019 Quotation Notice

Quotation Nottice for Tube Less Tire

1616 29-08-2019 Quotation Notice

Quotation Notice for Kanta, Handle of Kanta, Shovel, Shovel handle, Jharu Handle, Bleaching Powder, Slake Lime, Broom Strick, Drain Brush, Gamboot, Hansua, Chopper

369/B 04-06-2019 Tender Notice for Different Civil Works

Tender Noticed

1713 04-09-2019 Re-Quotation Notice

Quotation Noticew for Tubeless tyre

1666 02-09-2019 Quotation Notice

Quotation Notice for Lead Acid Battery

Memo No. Issue Date Subject Description Close Date Download